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LVL Enhance - The Natural Lash Lift

LVL   -    Lenght,    Volume,     Lift

What is lash lift?

"LVL lashes" is procedure which is popular all around Europe. The main thing which distinguish this procedure from others is that in time of this procedure nothing is extended, but your own eyelash effect is highlighted. Thanks to the nourishing components contained in the products used during the procedure, the lashes are filled with different types of vitamins. Another advantage of this technique is that none of the compositions used affect the root of the eyelashes, only the hairs themselves.

For whom this procedure is most appropriate? 

This procedure will be the perfect solution for the owners of straight or light eyelashes. In this case the effect of the procedure will be most noticeable. Lash lift will also be suitable for those who do not like eyelash extensions or for those who just do not feel comfortable with artificial eyelashes.

This procedure is especially suitable for the summer period, when you want to minimize the use of cosmetics, and of course the procedure is ideal for sea travel.

The only contraindications can be allergic to silicone, or, for example, sensitive eyes.


Duration of the procedure:

The procedure is carried out in several stages by applying different components in turn. At first, cosmetic products are removed from the eyes. Eyelashes should be clean, without eye shadow, mascara or foundation. In the second stage, special silicone plaques are affixed to the eyelids, on which the eyelashes are arranged to form the curvature. All is fixed with a transparent glue which is based on sugar. Of course, this is not a super glue, so there is no reason to worry.

In the third stage, the first composition is applied to the lashes. As a result, lashes are fixed and the folds / waves become stronger.

In the fourth stage, the eyelashes are treated with a special serum that opens the hair and helps to fill their structure in the next stage, making the hair thicker, and serves as a base for filling the eyelash with pigment.

Then the eyelashes are "filled" with a special pigment. This is the stage when eyelashes get the color you need. At the end of the procedure, the lashes are "filled" with keratin.

The procedure takes about 60-90 minutes, during which the client's main task is to sleep with closed eyes. The length of the procedure may also depend on the length of the client's eyelashes. Sometimes there are very straight eyelashes that do not stand in the way, because the stronger the hair, the harder it is to work with it. Very short eyelashes, but hard to grip, but the other way around is that the eyelashes are so long that there is not enough space to glue them.

What is the result of this procedure?

After procedure you will get long eyelashes without extensions, which is folded and colored in tone you desired. At first it looks like the eyelashes are sticked together, but you don't have to be afraid of this effect. The result will be visible after 24 hours. Your eyes will look wide open and expressive, the eye contour will be  underlined, and the eyelashes will look dark, dull and shiny.