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Eyelash Extension Training:

* Our courses are adaptable to suit each trainee’s needs or skill levels so you know that you will be receiving the best training available.
* Theory based learning on the importance of the lash growth cycle as well as safety and preparation topics.
* Analysis skills- determining suitability of specific lashes for your clients, for example: styles, lengths, thickness etc
* We will show you how to correctly use your tools.
* You will learn our special technique that is the simplest and best method of isolation to quickly and precisely “pick up” lashes.
* Most importantly Practical Experience- practicing on real people you will receive firsthand experience with how to deal with each client and their lashes, as no two lashes are the same!

Individual Education.
Duration of course Eyelash -  1 day.
During training, all necessary materials are provided.

Contact us for more detailed information:

Phone: (+371) 25 866 550