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Mink lash - L curl

Mink lash - L curl

Mink lash - L curl

Except real mink lashes, Blink extension lashes are made of premium PBT fiber, which has very flexible form, ultra light weight and shiny surface. Also with our exclusive study, we created the best eyelashes with very even curl, thickness and length. These various dimension allows you to create unique attractive eyelashes.

Blink tray lash is suitable for the quick and accurate eyelash extension as it is well organized onto a tray. You can see the even curl and thickness, and length at once as they are in a row. 

L curl lash is the exclusive curl of Blink, which has longer bonding part than the other lashes. 

Accordingly, extension effect will last longer and unique appearance can be available.

Curl - L
Thickness - 0.20 mm
Length - 9,11,13 mm