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Glitter Tattoo set - 12 color

Glitter Tattoo set - 12 color

Glitter Tattoo set - 12 color

Colors: 12 color

How to Apply a Glitter Tattoo:

1. Peel off the bottom layer of the stencil.
2. Place the stencil in the desired orientation on the area you just cleaned with the alcohol.
3. Carefully remove the top, transparent layer of the stencil so that only the part with the design itself is left.
4.  Apply the adhesive.  The key is not to put on too much glue (you will never need more than one layer) which will make the tattoo come off sooner.  Figuring out the perfect amount takes practice.
5. Apply the glitter.
6. Once all of the desired glitter is applied rub it with your finger to make sure all of the design is covered with glitter. This also serves to push the glitter closer to the skin which seems to make it last longer.
7. Using your blush brush, brush off all excess glitter from the area.
Carefully peel the stencil off the skin and voilà! You have a beautiful glitter tattoo!

 Notes From An Expert:
Designs made up of thin lines seem to come off faster.
Keep in mind that where you put the tattoo will determine how long it lasts. If it is the winter and you put the tattoo on a wrist, the person's long sleeve shirt will rub that area and the tattoo won't last as long as in the summer when they are more likely to be wearing short sleeves.
Depending on the humidity and temperature, the time the adhesive takes to dry will vary.  You will know the adhesive is dry when it is completely transparent.  Do NOT apply the glitter if any white from the glue is still showing.
To remove a glitter tattoo use one of the alcohol prep swabs.  Another way to remove the tattoo is to apply body lotion to it, wait half an hour, and rub it off with a wet, warm washcloth.