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Permanent makeup

What is permanent make up?

Permanent make up is cosmetic technique which is permanent pigmentation on the dermis. It could be used to produce, for example, artificial. In novadays are determinated 3 types of permanent makeu up - dermapigmentation, permanent cosmetics and micropigmentation. 

Most common permanent make up types are: 

1. Permanent make up lips procedure; 

2. Permanent make up brows procedure; 

3. Permanent make up eyelid procedure.

Suggestions before procedure: 

1. At least 3 days before procedure don't do facial peeling procedures; 

2. Don't use coffeine, nicotine and alcohol at least one day before procedure;

3. On a day of the procedure don't use drugs, which expands blood vessels. 

Suggestions after procedure:

1. For two weeks after procedure avoid sunbathing; 

2. For two weeks after procedure don't visit sauna, bathhouse or pools;

3. Don't scratch eschars; 

4. At least for 5 days after procedure don't use fermenting alcoholic drinks.


!!! Pemanent make up will last for 2 - 3 years, but please notice, that for every individual this effect can be different which depends from your organism, metabolism and habbits !!!